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The TASP Business Diary is a no nonsense diary and journal for busy executives who appreciate the ability to quickly handwrite notes rather than having to use the finicky keypad.

This diary for mobile devices offers a host of great features.  The diary and journal functions will help you take command of your hectic schedule and let you stand out as a model of proficiency at every business meeting.

Compatible with any iPad, iPad mini, and most Android tablets, this diary app download is a cutting edge business tool with its stand-out feature being its ability to accept handwritten notes.

The busy, ambitious executive of today will absolutely love the string of time saving and organisational features offered in the professional version, many of which are unique among diary applications.

Diary Application

The business diary lets you:

•Quickly handwrite notes using your finger or any stylus compatible with your device. (You can even buy a stylus for a great price on our website by clicking here!)
•Keep organized by coding your diary and planner entries with a range of searchable color tags.  This great feature lets you implement your own color coding system to find things quickly.  Group actions by color (like red for diary and journal entries requiring your action and blue for diary entries requiring actions by others) or group projects by color (green for one project and brown for another for example), or implement any color coding system that you can think of!  Then use the search feature to find all journal entries tagged with that color for any month or throughtout the whole diary in seconds!

•Further organise your diary journal app entries by labelling them with searchable text labels that can be found with a tap of the search button. This is great for tracking down all entries related to a specific project or action requirement.

•Make your journal diary app entries easy to read and understand by handwriting in different colours, handwriting bold notes with thicker pen sizes, drawing freehand pictures, circling things in red, drawing ticks with green and crosses in red, underlining words, or marking things in any other way - the sky is the limit and you can highlight or label diary entries in whatever way that works for you!

•Email any selected professional diary entries to anyone. This feature is great for circulating diary notes from meetings so all attendees are aware of actions arising from the meeting.

•Never worry about losing your diary.  With the app’s built in backup feature, you can store an exact duplicate of all your diary entries in your free drop box account and if something should happen to your iPad or iPad Mini, you can restore it on another iPad or iPad Mini in minutes! The same is true if you drop your Android tablet - just restore it to another Android tablet in minutes.

•Need help getting through your work?  Why not give your personal assistant an exact copy of your professional diary by backing it up, and then letting them restore your backup to their equivalent device?  Or you can just email them key diary entries for them to work on.

•Don’t forget that this is the last business diary you’ll ever need because it can be used for years in the future or to record things that happened years in the past.  There’s absolutely no need to go through the pain of buying and re-organizing another business diary every year.

•Keep comprehensive diary notes by adding a multitude of extra pages to each diary entry (which are also deletable) and then flick back and forward through them with the diary notes navigation panel.

•Forget messy corrections in paper based diaries.  Just use your eraser tool to remove any mistakes you make, or use the “undo” feature to fix slip ups in a second!

•The business diary app shows banners and underlines areas where you’ve made diary entries so finding notes is dead easy and super fast.

•And very best of all, you can try a fully functional version of the app by downloading the ad supported, time limited version of the iTunes diary app absolutely free. If it's the Android version you want, you can download the TASP Business Diary Pro version for Android and take advantage of the 15 minute trial time available. Just uninstall it within 15 minutes of purchase for a full and automatic refund.

So get set to impress with the TASP Business Diary app, and get your diary app download today.

"This is the easiest and quickest to use diary that I've tried by far. Being able to use handwriting to enter notes makes all the difference."

Comparison of the iPad ad supported diary lite and iPad professional diary pro versions of the TASP Business Diary: (Note that the ad supported version is fully functional for a short period and then reverts to the feature limited version described below)

Diary and Journal

Comparison of iPad/iPad Mini Version

Diary Feature
Free Advertising supported diary 
(with time limited features shown with "x"'s)

Professional Diary


Send pages of your diary by email
diary business
business planner
Choice of pen colours for your diary app
the business diary
a business planner
Backup and restore your diary from DropBox
diary planners
professional diary
Upgrade reminders disabled
business planner
Handwriting of notes
business planner
business planner
Text labelling of diary entries
business planner
business planner
Quick search for diary entries by text label
business planner
business planner
Add extra pages to diary
business planner
business planner
Colour coding of diary entries
business planner
business planner
Quick search for diary entries by colour
business planner
business planner
Diary app undo feature
business planner
business planner
Diary app eraser feature
business planner
diary and journal
Diary app pen size selection
business planner
web diary professional
Enter diary entries for years in the future and past
business planner
diary for iphone
Flags where diary entries have been made
business planner
diary company


Currently under development: The TASP Business Diary for other mobile devices including Windows and Blackberry.  This includes a diary for iphone that will be the best diary application out there. The iphone diary app will be similar to the diary app for ipad but will include features that aren't currently in the diary ipad app.

Diary app for iPad & Android tablets

business diary for ipad miniexecutive diary


iPad/iPad Mini: Advertising supported diary app free for download or paid Business Diary App Pro version

Android tablets:Paid Business Diary App Pro version

Category: Productivity / Business

Updated: 03/08/2013

Languages: English

Requirements: iTunes version: Diary app compatible with iPad and iPad mini. The iTunes diary app is optimised for the iPad Mini.

Requirements: Android version: Diary app compatible with Android tablets. The Android diary app is optimised for the 7 or 10 inch screens.

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